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An efficient and time-saving self-loading bedding spreader for larger herds. 

BOBMAN SL is designed for larger dairy farms which will be scraped, swept, and strewn with sawdust or cut straw.


This three-in-one function be done at the same time without compromise on quality.

The largest machine in the family the BOBMAN SL is typically designed for a dairy farm which is greater than 300 cows.


In Ireland we have BOBMAN SL's working in herds as large as 1000 cows. 

Self Load

Self Load

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  • Clean, sweep, & bed in 1 pass!

  • High ground clearance

  • 3 wheel Drive

  • Perfect for applying chopped straw, sawdust, wood shavings, waste paper, lime or disinfection powder

  • Recommended for herds over 300 cubicle spaces approximately

  • Compact & manoeuvrable

  • Self Loading hydraulic power tipping hopper.

  • Intuitive & easy to operate

  • High working visibility 

  • Disinfection powder dispenser option available

  • Ideal solution for large herds. 

Bedding Material 

The BOBMAN SELFLOAD can easily spread a wide range of materials from fine powder disinfectants to sawdust and just straw up to 5cm long.
Below are just some examples. 

BOBMAN SELFLOAD Specifications 
  • 1000L hopper capacity (top box available to increase capacity)

  • 3 Wheel drive 

  • High volume hydraulic pump

  • Self loading (tipping hopper)

  • 1.3m wide scraper

  • 75cm static brush diameter 

  • Weight 950kg 

  • Kubota Diesel engine with electric start

  • Hydraulically operated brush arm

  • Hydraulically operated sweeper 

  • Bedding material:  chopped straw, sawdust, lime or wood shavings, peat bed, paper mulch and more. 

  • The quantity of bedding materials is adjustable

  • Requires minimum of space - a turning radius is only 2.4 meter!

  • Can also be used in stalls with robotic systems






Download your copy of the the BOBMAN Brochure now 

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