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The BOBMAN livestock equipment make regular cleaning and maintenance work easy.

The BOBMAN bedding dispenser machine brushes the lying area and spreads fresh bedding material in one pass. Regularly removing infectious bacteria whilst replenishing new bedding and or disinfectant is vital for keeping cell counts low.

Performing these two operations together will result in quality milk & increased volume all whilst reducing the time taken to clean out the cubicles and increasing farming efficiency.

Front Load

Front Load

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  • Clean, sweep, & bed in 1 pass!

  • High ground clearance

  • 3 wheel Drive

  • Perfect for applying chopped straw, sawdust, wood shavings, waste paper, lime or disinfection powder

  • Recommended for up to 350 cubicle spaces approximately

  • Very compact & manoeuvrable

  • Self Loading hydraulic power tipping hopper.

  • Intuitive & easy to operate

  • Disinfection powder dispenser option available

  • Ideal solution for large herds. 

Bedding Material 

The BOBMAN FRONTLOAD can easily spread a wide range of materials from fine powder disinfectants to sawdust and just straw up to 5cm long.
Below are just some examples.